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We are the NYC-based Dippin' Dots Distributor

Looking to add everyone's favorite novelty ice cream to your shop or venue? Look no further. We partner with great locations by supplying branded freezers and delicious grab-and-go Dippin' Dots in a variety of popular flavors. Dippin' Dots has almost 2x the brand strength than the nearest competitor, and is the ultimate impulse purchase! Our sealed "pre-pack" Dippin' Dots are grab-and-go and require minimal labor or training. If you think you've got a great location and would like to serve Dippin' Dots, contact us now!

Become a Vendor Partner

  • Serve a fun product that will make your customers smile 

  • Highly profitable impulse purchase that can increase your average ticket size and boost your bottom line

  • We provide the specialty freezer with our famous branding absolutely free with your first order! 

  • Drive foot traffic and help your location stand-out from competitors

  • We visit your location frequently to deliver product and maintain the freezer!

  • Low power consumption (only 1 Amp at 110 Volts)

  • Small footprint with high-capacity storage (colorful 28" x 26" x 36" display freezer)

  • Serve six to ten of our most popular flavors 

  • No labor or training required!

  • Get featured on the official Dippin' Dots website

  • Electronic invoicing makes it easy to manage, order, track, and pay!


Fill out your location info to become a qualified Dippin' Dots vendor now:
Note: we only service the NY metro area

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