Neil Hershman, Owner

Neil Hershman (right) has professional experience in corporate finance, retail and restaurant operations, commercial restaurant equipment sales, lease arbitrage, offshore manufacturing, and commercial real estate. Neil employs over 60 team members and maintains active leadership roles at all affiliated brands and locations.

Neil graduated from The George Washington University with a degree in Finance and Astrophysics. Neil began his professional career at a NYC-based asset manager specializing in structured credit, where he primarily focused on company profitability and forecast, liquid and illiquid investment valuations, and strategic M&A activity. 


Outside of the office, Neil is a commercial-rated pilot, avid mountain climber, and world class ultra-triathlete*. 

Click HERE to view Neil's notable athletic achievements. 

Freddy Oquendo, District Manager 


Freddy Oquendo (left) has been with the affiliated brands for over five years, and oversee's the daily operation for all 16 Handles and Dippin' Dots locations. His role includes managing employees and HR, inventory, product quality control, brand partnerships and LTO's, and overall customer satisfaction. 

Prior to joining NeilEats, Freddy had years of experience working in fine dining establishments and various QSR's.


Outside of the store, you can find Freddy working on his car or traveling to find the best philly cheesesteak! 


* Per IUTA 2018 World Cup, Neil was ranked 8th in the world and the top American ultra-triathlete. Source: